The OpenPipe Black Edition

During the past months we’ve sent several OpenPipe Breakout prototypes all over the world (Spain, USA, Russia, France, …), and we know there are some happy OpenPipers almost ready to show us their work. In the meanwhile, we would like to announce that we’ve no more white OpenPipes Breakouts for sale. The OpenPipe Breakout Black Edition is here!!!

We’ve improved the manufacturing process, and the look&feel. Now the capacitive sensors are also black, and we ship the OpenPipes with tinned wires in order to let people addapt to their designs easily. You can connect the wires directly to Arduino as well.

We’ve also been playing a bit with Wavetable Synthesis as you can see in the previous post, in order to demonstrate the high sound quality you can achieve with the OpenPipe Breakout, Arduino and audio shields. Some people sent us several european bagpipes samples, and we added them to the code examples as well.

The year is ending so… we wish you a merry Christmas and a good start in the new year… full of OpenPipes 🙂