openpipe breakout v2

OpenPipe Breakout v2

We are happy to announce today a new OpenPipe Breakout version, with some improvements made on the last few months based on the feedback sent by several OpenPipers. The OpenPipe Breakout is now more robust, much easier to connect and play and better looking. The newly added improvements are: Better finger sensors: we changed from screws to aluminium Read More



This year we went to Brussels to attend FOSDEM, like the previous years, but this edition was a bit special for us as we gave a talk  in the Embedded & Mobile devroom. Yes! The OpenPipe project was there showing people how OpenSourceHardware and Bagpipes can live together. We had some fun because we played Read More


The OpenPipe Black Edition

During the past months we’ve sent several OpenPipe Breakout prototypes all over the world (Spain, USA, Russia, France, …), and we know there are some happy OpenPipers almost ready to show us their work. In the meanwhile, we would like to announce that we’ve no more white OpenPipes Breakouts for sale. The OpenPipe Breakout Black Read More


OpenPipe Breakout & Audio Codec Shield

In the previous post we talked about generating bagpipes sounds using WaveTable Synthesis with Arduino (44KHz @ 8bit) and PWM. The result is good but we can increase sound quality a bit more using an Arduino Shield for audio generation like the one from OpenMusicLabs. The Audio Codec Shield is an Arduino shield that uses the Wolfson WM8731 codec, Read More


Openpipe Breakout meets eChanter

In this post we will explain how to generate high quality sound with Arduino using wavetable synthesis, with bagpipes in mind, of course!!! The code used here is based in the eChanter, a DIY electronic bagpipes project built around Arduino. Thanks eChanter for the inspiration. We added some cool features in order to let people create Read More