The OpenPipe Breakout is the first Arduino bagpipe/flute interface ready for plug&play. It consists on a pipe containig the OpenPipe Breakout Board, with twelve cappacittive sensor placed like in a flute or bagpipe chanter.

The OpenPipe Breakout I2C interface allows connection with any microcontroller with I2C interface.  The available signals in the wire are:

  • VIN: Regulated input. Intended for use with Arduino 5V pin.
  • VCC: Unregulated input. Detailed info here.
  • GND: Ground reference.
  • SDA: I2C data.
  • SCL: I2C clock.
  • IRQ: Interrupt signal.
 We provide several Arduino examples for happy bagpipers!!!

  • Jerome Evein

    Hi, Does anyone make Openpipe?

    What is the use of this instrument? Contacts, configuration of sounds and fingering?

  • Klaus Kassebeer

    Has anybody tried to build it using a stm32 with dds?

  • Fisk

    Does anyone know if there is a source for the OpenPipe Breakout (or at least the breakout board) in the US?

    • OpenPipe Labs.

      Hi FIsk!
      We have sent several OpenPipe Breaout from Spain to several places in US without problems.
      There is no source apart from us :(

  • anton

    hi, i made your openpipe, but the sound is a little different from yours. it’s less realistic. the drone is almost inaudible. i have it connected to an amplified speaker. if i make a low pass filter could i fix the openpipe to have more realistic note tones and drone?

  • trazman025

    I will buy this for my fluxamasynth!!!!!!!!