The OpenPipe MIDI-USB Shield allows Arduino to do USB MIDI input/output, connecting directly with computers, tablets and phones using the standard MIDI USB class.

This shield is hardware and software compatible with the SparkFun MIDI Shield. From the end user perspective the unique difference is that instead of having a DIN MIDI connector now you have a USB connection, so you don’t need MIDI-USB conversion cables (conversion is done in the shield). Sketches using SparkFun MIDI Shield or Arduino MIDI Library should work as is.

As in the SparkFun MIDI shield, we have draw footprints for additional tactile switches and potentiometers, but they are not populated.

OpenPipe MIDI-USB Shield can be connected to Mac, Linux and Windows without installing additional drivers. It can also be connected to iPad/iPhone using Camera Connector Kit (iPhone requires jailbreak) and Android devices with USB host capabilities.

The Shield is compatible with all Arduino versions compatible with SparkFun MIDI Shield. By now we tested Arduino UNO only.

Standard MIDI messages are supported in the current firmware version. MIDI SYSEX messages need some work, so a future frmware update is needed.


Accelerometer & bs-16i synth

In this example we demonstrate how to connect the USB-MIDI Shield to an iPhone using a Cammera Connector from Dealextreme (like this one). An accelerometer is used for note & pitch change (Thanks to RadikalBytes for the accelerometer). The iPhone synthesizer app is bs-16i by Shun Murabayashi, a great iOS synth with loadable SoundFonts.



Openpipe Breakout & UPiper iOS app

In this example we connected our OpenPipe Breakout to the Arduino and wrote an sketch, using the Arduino MIDI Library, for bagpipes emulation. We connected the setup to an iPhone with UPiper app from Code available here.



This work could not be done without the work from others:


Development happens on GitHub:

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    Hola Xulio, ¿volverá a haber stock pronto? ¡Gracias!

  • chex

    Hi, will this also work if I want to send midi commands TO the arduino?

    • openpipe

      Yes. Both directions. Only Sysex commands are not implemented in the current firmware version.

  • Balu0815

    Some news news when it’s back in stock? i’m really excited about it :)

    Greetings from Germany


  • Fredrik

    Hello this is what i need :) whats the stock update?

  • pedro


    • openpipe

      We’ve updated the stock because we have some units available of the 1.1 version, with micro-usb connector instead of mini-usb.