OpenPipe MIDI-USB Shield



Create USB-MIDI instruments with Arduino the easy way.

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Product Description

This shield converts your Arduino in a MIDI USB device, compatible with desktop OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile OS (iOS and Android). Using the Arduino MIDI Library you can send and receive MIDI commands through USB and create any musical instrument you can imagine.

  • USB MIDI standard (No drivers needed)
  • Arduino MIDI Library compatible
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android
  • USB-MICRO connector for MIDI and Arduino power
  • LEDs for MIDI & USB activity
  • Two user defined LEDs connected to D6 and D7
  • Three switches connected to Arduino D2, D3 and D4
  • Two footprints for potentiometers connected to A0 and A1
  • PROG switch for programming the Arduino
  • RESET button for easy resetting the Arduino

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