OpenPipe Breakout & Audio Codec Shield

In the previous post we talked about generating bagpipes sounds using WaveTable Synthesis with Arduino (44KHz @ 8bit) and PWM. The result is good but we can increase sound quality a bit more using an Arduino Shield for audio generation like the one from OpenMusicLabs.

The Audio Codec Shield is an Arduino shield that uses the Wolfson WM8731 codec, capable of sampling and reproducing audio up to 88kHz, 24bit stereo. The Audio Codec Shield has 1/8″ stereo input and headphone output jacks, a single pole analog input aliasing filter, and 2 potentiometers for varying parameters in your code. (

So we created sound samples now at 44KHz and 16bits, but now we added some new bagpipes sounds (apart from Galician Bagpipes) thanks to Tim Malcolm from eChanter project, who managed to bring us the recorded sound samples.

If you want to include more bagpipes sounds or fingerings and you can manage to send us some sound samples please contact us at

Here is the result, despite of my null practice playing GHB and Säckpipa songs.


  1. Setup an Arduino UNO, an Audio Codec Shield and an OpenPipe Breakout.
  2. Download Arduino code from here.
  3. Select wich instrument to use at the top of the Arduino sketch.
  4. Upload…
  5. Connect to amplified speakers, set high volume and enjoy!